Wack in the Box

30 12 2010


Wack in the Box is here, for your Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch.

What is Wack in the Box, you ask? That is a very good question. And there is a very good answer. Wack in the Box is an entertainment app., based on Castleforte’s original character, Wack.

Wack is your very own pet monster in your pocket, that you can torment and play with, and interact with in lots of fun ways, whenever you like. But this isn’t just some lame pet, this is Wack we are talking about. Wack has attitude. Wack is awesome.

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29 12 2010

Check out all 8 free Wack in the Box papertoys that come with the app!

30 11 2009

Monster Truck Wack

Horrorwood’s Calling All Cars paper toy series Wave 6 is out, which includes the monster truck version of Wack, as well as four other sweet designs, by Obokiki, Ivan Ricci, Brian Gubicza and Zakane. Go get yours now at horrorwood.info/horrorwoodhills.


DesignerCon Show Pics

Here are a few pics from the DesignerCon show on Nov. 21st in Pasadena.

The newly released limited edition Wack resin sculpt toys.

Bob from San Diego won this Natural Wack vs. Blite deck.

Anne from San Diego won this Black Wack vs. Blite deck.


New resin Wack toy coming soon.

Here is a sneak peek of the new Wack toy, being sculpted and produced by Julie B of Pretty in Plastic.



Free Wack Paper Toy

CHeck out the Papertoys for more info…


Wack idle 2 – more idle actions



Laughs and finger chomps



Wack idle – original character design & new redesign for app.



Wack in the Box name and characters, and all artwork is © 2009 Brian Castleforte – Wack Apps – all rights reserved.